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More Than 25 Years Of Family Law Experience

A contentious dispute over ownership of significant assets, access to a child for parenting time or a potentially expensive paternity lawsuit — these are all compelling legal problems that must be addressed right away by skilled, knowledgeable, dedicated, resourceful, aggressive yet compassionate attorneys.

In Gurnee and Lake County, there is one divorce and family law firm that stands a cut above — Gravel & Wechter P.C.

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We Will Never Lead You In A Direction Where Success Is Minimal

It is our firm’s belief that the goals of the client must be clearly identified and that a strategy must be developed with the client that will enable the client to accomplish his/her goals. Similarly, the goals must be reasonable and ascertainable.

A divorce attorney who causes the client to have an unrealistic expectation does the client a great disservice. Probabilities of success should be analyzed, discussed and understood. A client should never be led down a path in which the probability of success is minimal. However, once the goals have been identified and determined to be both reasonable and ascertainable, we will do all that is within our power to assist you, the client, in meeting your goals and family law needs.

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As a single mother facing a custody battle, I was absolutely terrified of how I was going to proceed in court, how I was going to be represented, and who would be fit to do so. As I began to look in the area for attorneys, I stumbled upon Mr. Gravel’s website and amazing reviews.

Ericka S

Divorce is generally not a pleasant thing to go through. It’s often a scary and uncertain time in a person’s life. I was fortunate to have had Denis represent me. He was very patient, thorough and extremely knowledgeable. He walked me through the entire process, and I always felt confident in his abilities. His staff always made sure I had the information I needed and answered any questions I had. I was very pleased with the timely and favorable results that came from his expertise and diligence.

Akomachi H.

I walked into Denis’ office scared and unsure of how to proceed during this difficult time. Denis and his staff put my mind at ease. They not only helped me legally but also emotionally. They handled everything professionally, expertly and with compassion. I am amazed at how well they know the current laws and how they were able to get my children and I what we deserve. Thank you Denis and staff!

Kari C.

Denis and his associates were very professional and attentive to my situation. Denis was able to allow me and my dad to continue living in my home and have fair visitation rights with my daughter. I will forever be grateful for his care, concern and devotion in achieving justice for me during my divorce.

Jeff B.