Can social media affect your divorce?

Social media is a constant fixture in most people’s lives. While it is ideal for keeping in touch with others and sharing good news, it can also derail your divorce in some cases.

The information you post on social media can come up in court, which may affect the judge’s decision. As a result, you must use social media responsibly during divorce. Here are a few tips to help you do so.

Keep posts positive

Positivity is especially important when you are in the middle of a custody dispute. If you disparage your ex, the court may think you want to cause unnecessary conflict between your children and your former spouse. The courts choose to award joint custody in most cases, as it benefits the children at the center of the dispute. Your actions could result in your spouse getting sole custody if you appear combative or uncooperative. Keep all posts positive and refrain from talking about your ex at all.

Restrict the audience

It is a good idea to clear out your friend list after divorce. Remove any mutual friends you share with your ex and use privacy controls to restrict the audience. Even seemingly innocent statements can impact asset division, alimony, and other decisions. A restricted audience also ensures you are emotionally supported during divorce.

Stop posting altogether

For many people, the best course of action is to deactivate your accounts altogether. When you refrain from making posts, you never have to worry about your words coming back to haunt you. Additionally, you can also save yourself some stress and anxiety related to your former spouse and their new life. Taking a much-needed break helps you focus on what is important and keeps the divorce process on the right track.