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So, Who Gets The Dog in a Divorce?

Often times the dog is awarded to one party, but some judges are now awarding shared custody of pets. Click the link below to learn more.,awarding%20shared%20custody%20of%20pets.

Divorce rates for military couples show a higher risk of breakups

Married couples with at least one spouse working in the military have a higher chance of divorcing than civilian couples. As reported by, research conducted by career website Zippia revealed a 30% divorce rate for enlisted first-line military supervisors. The research rated the position as the one with the greatest majority of divorces out […]

Can someone parent in your place while you deploy?

Deployments often disrupt the day-to-day lives of servicemembers’ families. As a divorced parent, who also serves in the military, you may worry how an overseas duty assignment will affect your child’s relationship with you and your side of his or her family. Will your child see your parents? Your spouse? His or her siblings from […]

What are some tips for communicating with a co-parent?

Co-parenting your children with your ex-spouse has its challenges. Even regular communication can be difficult. Since open communication is crucial to successful co-parenting, you will probably want to know how to strengthen your message and avoid unnecessary conflict. According to Healthline, there are ways to improve your communications with your co-parent. Keeping these tips in […]

Are paternity tests accurate?

If you’re involved in a paternity test, on either side, the outcome is very important to your future. Maybe you’re a woman who believes she knows who her child’s father is, but the father denies it, and you need proof to seek child support. Or, perhaps you are a man who believes he has a […]

Divorce and doubts about your future

Sometimes, the divorce process leads to a significant amount of uncertainty with respect to one’s future. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that in 2018, more than 700,000 couples got divorced, and many of these couples have various hurdles to work through. For example, if you have questions about your relationship with your […]