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Allocation of Parental Responsibilities (Child Custody)

What Will Your Parental Responsibilities Look Like?

Is your Illinois divorce being delayed over different views about decisions for what is appropriate for your child or children’s futures? Are you unsure about how the allocation of parental responsibility will be applied in your case?

No matter how high the emotions and financial stakes can be during any kind of divorce, the one source of friction in negotiations is almost always access to children shared in a relationship.

How The Law Defines Agreements About Your Children

Parental responsibility is allocated in two main areas:

  1. Decision Making — Which outlines who has the right to make important decisions about how the child will be raised such as education, religion, major medical, and extra curricular activities. The decision making can be sole or shared/joint custody if both parents are to be involved in these life decisions.
  2. Parenting Time — (formerly known as visitation) involves the actual amount of time each parent will spend with the child or children. This needs to be negotiated and spelled out clearly in any divorce and parenting time agreement. Additionally, in Illinois, grandparents have rights when it comes to the children. Lawyer Denis M. Gravel can assist you with all these details in your divorce.

Is your divorce a thing of the past, but a modification of decision making or parenting time is needed to reflect a sudden, substantial change of circumstance? Denis M. Gravel also handles modifications when needed. In this world, there are no such things as problems — only solutions to those problems.

Experienced Legal Advice To Help You Accomplish Your Custody Goals

Child custody attorney Denis M. Gravel is open to your ideas on how to accomplish your goals in your divorce, whether it is an uncontested divorce case or a contested divorce. He responds by offering his own insights from 25 years of experience and more than 3,000 family law cases handled in Lake County. You can rest assured that, with Mr. Gravel as your guide through the legal process, your child access rights will be aggressively protected.

Has your former spouse expressed the intention to take the child you share out of state? Are you prepared to contest that desire or request a parental relocation of your own? Are you an unwed biological father who is willing to undergo paternity testing to prove parentage, and participate in your child’s upbringing?

No matter how the allocation of parental responsibility and parenting time features of a divorce, or life after a child’s birth, may impact your future, Gurnee child custody attorney Denis M. Gravel and his skilled support staff are here to help in any way they can.

Working Hard For Solutions To Your Child Custody Problems

While there are many resources online, we urge you to consult with a custody attorney. Your initial consultation is free of charge at our Gravel & Wechter P.C. law offices can be arranged right now by calling us at 847-380-3175. You can also email us to get started. Your messages are always responded to promptly.