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Relocation And Child Custody

Have you been called out of state by the need to take a new job, look for a job or consent to a business or military transfer?

Are you seriously injured or ill, and seeking specialized health care that is only available outside Illinois?

Do you suspect that your former spouse is using reasons like these to move the child out of state?

The Lake County divorce attorney you should speak with, when a parental relocation upsets your allocation of parental responsibilities and parenting time routines, and a modification of your settlement agreement may be necessary, is Denis M. Gravel of the Gravel & Wechter P.C. law firm.

Mr. Gravel is an experienced Gurnee family lawyer who looks at your problems as an opportunity to find solutions — practical, lasting solutions that can bring you peace of mind. You can have complete confidence in his ability to carry out your child access objectives. He and his skilled support staff have been instrumental in completing more than 3,000 cases since 1996.

Are you residing just across the Wisconsin border and concerned about parental relocation? When you are ready to request or contest a child removal, even if it means going to court, our family law firm is solidly in your corner. We are dedicated to protecting your rights — and to advancing the best interests of the child.

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