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Child Support & Modification

Child Support And Support Modifications

Do you need a modification of child support arrangements due to the loss of your job or an expensive injury? Have your children’s needs and expenses increased?

In Gurnee, experienced divorce attorney Denis M. Gravel can help. The Gravel & Wechter P.C. law firm focuses specifically on family law. When a child support issue arises, you deserve the dedicated assistance of a legal team that concentrates exclusively on these practice areas.

Two Decades Of Proven Results

Mr. Gravel has 25 years of experience and the track record of success for his Lake County clients to show for it. During that time, he has handled more than 3,000 cases of all kinds for individuals, couples and families. He views your problem as an opportunity to serve — with broad legal knowledge, the ability to negotiate amicable settlements, a tradition of educating clients about the law and attentive personal service that is second to none.

Are you receiving too little child support or paying too much? Are you considering a court order to compel a former spouse to make good on support obligations? Are you an unwed birth mother who feels you are owed child support.

Denis M. Gravel works hard to clarify any confusion you may be feeling about income-based state calculations for child support, and how they can be modified, based on sudden changes in circumstance. He welcomes your questions and answers them promptly and thoroughly. He is your guide, sounding board and source of strength throughout the legal process.

Get The Child Support You And Your Child Deserve Today

When it comes to child support, your needs will continually evolve and change. You need a plan that reflects your current situation.

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