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Division Of Business Interests

Valuation And Division Of Business Assets In Divorce

The often painful process of equitably dividing dollar amounts — from deferred income, values of stock options and other financial marital assets — is difficult enough during divorce.

How do you go about parsing former spouses’ interests in a profitable, closely held family business?

Experienced Gurnee divorce attorney Denis M. Gravel can show you how.

During his many years of successful service to Lake County clients, Denis M. Gravel has handled the most minute details of more than 3,000 family law cases of all kinds — uncontested; contested and high-asset; same-sex; and military.

At Gravel & Wechter P.C., we view problems as an important chance to find the solutions you are looking for, to give you the closure you need to move on with your life.

We “crunch the numbers” of business valuation and offer realistic assessments of what you can expect from the legal process. Along the way, you receive useful recommendations, clear explanations, creative strategies that achieve your objectives and honest answers to any question that might arise.

You invested plenty in the company your family built. Now that your marriage is ending, you have every right to pursue ownership of your fair share.

Lake County Attorney Denis M. Gravel — Dedicated To Solutions For Your Problems

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